Fungiculture facilities

our solutions for the sector

Bellamio Aircontrol has been operating for more than 30 years with professionalism and experience in the field of mushroom cultivation (also called fungiculture). Constant attention to market demands and technological development of our products has allowed us to manufacture specific high-quality climate control facilities for the various process phases:

Compound preparation: Fermentation - Pasteurization - Incubation

Here are the features of our mushroom cultivation/mushroom growing facilities:
Compound treatment
Components for aerated floors, hot-galvanised and stainless steel fan assemblies, robust ducts in fully welded AlMg3 aluminium sheets, motorised aluminium dampers, and many other mechanical accessories for completion of the installations.
Control systems: electronic control units designed and built for the specific environment and features, temperature sensors and the latest generation of transducers and custom system monitoring software.
Large air treatment units constructed entirely of fully welded and externally-insulated AlMg3 aluminium sheets. High yield copper/pre-painted aluminium exchangers that can be removed and are easily washable. Centrifugal fans in galvanised and stainless steel. Valves and accessories of leading national and international brands.
Control systems:
cElectronic units designed and constructed for the specific environment and functionality, temperature probes and the latest generation of transducers and custom system monitoring software.

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