Supervision and Control


Supervision and Control

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This is a very important and highly specific branch of work at the Bellamio Aircontrol facilities with a specific focus on the electronic systems specifically for climate control. The evolution of electronic and related components allowed creating a type of highly functional and reliable "climate control systems" according to the following architecture:
A 2011 version PCA816 electronic module (Aircontrol trademark), which is connected to the sensors and actuators in the field for a specific area. The system is duplicated in the multi-zone section.
It allows sensor display and commands in manual/auto actuators. It communicates in serial RS485 as a client to a master system controlled by PLC.

The PLC Module (Saia-Burgess brand) can normally handle up to 16 zones controlled locally by PCA816. Multiple zones may be controlled by a network of several PLCs. The adjustment program and facility management is resident in the PLC, making it both versatile and customisable system. In addition, the PLC is responsible for managing Oxygen and CO2 acquisition functions in multiplex mode of some variable types, air flow rates and pressures, as well as managing common parts such as thermal power plants, chillers, pumping stations, control levels, etc.

Movicon monitoring software (Progea brand). Movicon is a SCADA software ("Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition") that is customised to manage Bellamio Aircontrol’s facilities. It is a very powerful and highly reliable software system that allows operator interface with modern and intuitive graphics. Many routines have been created to manage Aircontrol installations easily and efficiently.

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